Our Philosophy

The Pregnancy Counseling Center (PCC) exists as a public service to provide accurate, objective information to women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. PCC is a non-profit organization supported by groups, individuals, businesses and fund-raising projects.

PCC takes a non-political stand on the issues surrounding pregnancy. Counsel focuses on the physical and emotional aspects of each option in addition to meeting the practical needs of the client. All information is given in an objective, clinical manner that allows each woman to make her own choice. Volunteers are trained in counseling skills and objectivity.

All services are offered without charge and with no vested interest in the client's final decision. PCC believes that women should be treated as individuals, not as part of an issue. PCC exists to ensure that women in our community are given education rather than expediency.

By providing the client with information on each option, she becomes equipped to make an informed choice.