Our History

Pregnancy Counseling Center has been serving Sonoma County since the mid 1980s. It grew from the ache in one young motherís heart when realized that when she realized there was really no safe place where women could turn to when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Many pregnancies are met with feelings of confusion and fear. She realized what women needed most during a surprise and unplanned pregnancy, was someone who would be willing to listen and help them sort through the complex feelings she was having. Someone who would care about HER as an individual person!

Thus, P.C.C grew from being a second telephone line in one personís home, to a group of caring women who took turns round the clock answering incoming calls. Formally organized in 1985, Pregnancy Counseling Center of Sonoma County is now a non-profit corporation (501c status) with 3 staff, over 50 trained volunteers, and a board of trustees. The Center has continued to develop services through the years, and now includes pregnancy testing, counseling, prenatal medical care, and resource centers, to meet the physical and emotional needs of more than 3,000 clients each year. Additional programs have been added as well to include Childbirth and Parenting classes, and Post-abortion and Sexual Abuse Recovery groups.

During 1993, a team was put together to write and design a youth education program, which we now call ďLetís TALKĒ (Take Another Look). The goal of the education program is to present factual information about pregnancy and disease in junior and senior high school classrooms, and challenge students to consider the benefits of making healthy, responsible decisions about their sexuality. Today, our NAEA certified presenters take their message to classrooms and parent and teen groups all across Sonoma County as requested.

Pregnancy Counseling Center moved into its present location at 750 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa during 1994, after a $150,000 remodel project provided by local contributions and volunteer labor. Our state-licensed medical clinic was opened in 1998 to meet the prenatal care needs of clients through their second-trimester of pregnancy. An Ultrasound machine was donated soon after. Medical practitioners provide prenatal exams, medications, sonogram testing, and courteous and professional care.